In the sunshine Paoča, in the heart of the most fertile wine growing region, we organize tourist visits, wine tastings, authentic Herzegovinian dinners, accommodation and much more.
Feel free to contact us to come up with a plan for your visit together!


Enjoy the pure Herzegovinian landscape drinking the finest local wine

Our wine story

True wine lovers will enjoy our family’s wine story. We will not reveal much, it is up to you to visit us and we guarantee you an unforgettable experience and a comfortable atmosphere.


Wine tastings with traditional Herzegovinian specialties

Winelovers will truly enjoy a cellar tour and tasting of our best wines with, of course, the most famous Herzegovinian specialties such as “uštipci” with ham and cheese, grill, lamb, but also less well-known wine soups and much more!

Good atmosphere is guaranteed!

Rural tourism

In addition to the cellar tour and wine tasting, we also offer a tour to our vineyards, old family house and the family museum.

We also offer you a visit to the most important sights of Paoča: the water source of the Paoča by which the place was named; the old Oborine cemetery with tombstones from 15th century ; the necropolis of fifteen tombstones from the 14th century “Krešića Grebelja”; a memorial place with the memorial home of Fra Didak Buntić, an enlightener and savior of thousands of Herzegovinian children from starving during World War I; birthplace of four Zubac brothers; two original chapels – one of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the other of St. John dedicated to the winegrowers.

For these occasions, we designed a special tourist train for about 15 people so your tour experience will be complete.

Wine shop

Within our cellars there is a richly equipped Wine Shop. Premium wines, brandies and various souvenirs are only a small part of a wide range of products.

Religious, summer and winter tourism

In the newly opened part of our cellars Bank of Wine finded her place. Safes full of bottles of the finest selected wines of our house will only be rented by true wine lovers.