According to the Charter of Tvrtko, the King of medieval Bosnia, the people on his court have been drinking the wine from the region of Brotnjo (the area of today’s Čitluk municipality) as early as 7 centuries ago – with Paoča being the very heart of  that region. The family tree of Ćorić, despite the hard national history, has been documented for four centuries (starting around 1700). Growing vineyards and making of wine has always been the tradition of Ćorić family. The old cellar was preserved to this day and serves as the family museum. Also, the cellar remains of an Ottoman tower from 17. century, which means that it had its 350th birthday long time ago.


350-year-old family tradition of growing vineyards and making wine

Šimun Ćorić (1883.-1938.) has served the army for about twelve years and thus earned a big estate. Andrija, his son, has become independent in 1938 and started the winemaking tradition with his wife Stoja. Even though wine has been served in this region earlier, Andrija first started planting the vines in rows and bottle the wine..

In the vineyards of our village Paoča, two famous Herzegovinian grape varieties, white Žilavka and red Blatina founded their place. In the family atmosphere of “Andrija Wine Cellars” in addition to the mentioned indigenous varieties, grapes of other world-famous varieties are also used to make top-quality wines. Continuing the family tradition, the family of Andrija Ćorić build a new wine cellar in Paoča which reached the capacity of one million. Growing its own vineyards, this company buys grapes from a large number of local subcontractors and by choosing the best grapes, with the most modern equipment and expertise of a proven enologist achieves great results in the production of premium and quality wines. These selected wines are matured in oak barrels in an underground wine cellar. In addition to the mentioned wines, ” Andrija Wine Cellars” also produce indigenous brandies. With the development of the market, the company “Andrija Wine Cellars” established its representative office in Zagreb and for many years has secured placement in America, China and many European countries: Croatia, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Serbia and Montenegro. It is a real pleasure to visit the vineyards and wine cellars. “Andrija Wine Cellars” have a dozen permanent employees, and in addition to their own vineyards, a large number of families from this area grow vineyards for them. “Andrija” wines are represented in three continents and always with joy, in good company and pleasant atmosphere. We believe that hospitality, sincere friendship and “Andrija” wines successfully connect people!


The village of Paoča, „warmed by the Sun from sunrise until sunset“, is first mentioned 1306. in the archives of Dubrovnik. It’s placed about thirty kilometers of air distance from the sea on 230 meters above its level. Its climate is Mediterranean. Among the local landmarks are: Palačak source, by which it got the name; old cemetery Oborine with a tomb from 15th century; necropolis with eighteen tombs by the Krešić cemetery from 14th century; memorial house with a monument to Fr. Didak Buntić of Paoča, the educator and savior of thousands of herzegovinian children which he saved from hunger during the World War 1; the birth house of four franciscian priests – Zubac brothers; two original chapels, one of the Holy Virgin Mary and the other of Saint John, dedicated to winemakers.

Paoča is a unique place inhabited by about sixty families which have been organising annual gatherings of all the people with roots in Paoča that are living around the world. The gathering, called the Day of Paoča is being held every first saturday after the Feast of the Assumption (15th of August) and it hosts about 500 people from Paoča and their friends.


“Andrinje” (directly translated to English: St. Andrew’s day), is a traditional annual manifestation of blessing and tasting of the new wine from our cellars, unique in the region of Herzegovina. Each year by the end of November we invite our numerous friends and business partners, wine lovers and they respond enthusiastically. It seems that the old Portuguese saying “One who has good wine will always have friends” is true as our cellars regularly host more than 1000 people on those nights. We never lack traditional herzegovinian specialties and that is, in the presence of good friends, what makes the joy of drinking every drop of wine priceless. The main priest of the Paoča parish invokes God’s blessing on the new wine, vineyards, winemakers, cellars and the guests present which will savor the wine long into the night.