In the village of Paoča – bathed in the sunlight, laying on the most fertile soil of the region by the means of vine growing – we organise tours, wine tastings, authentic Herzegovinian meals and lodging. There is a couple of pre-planned programs which are subject to changes of your liking. You are free to contact us anytime so we can plan your visit together.


Enjoy the pure Herzegovinian landscape drinking the finest local wine

Cellar tours and wine tasting

Vine fruit products lovers will truly enjoy the tour of both the old and the new cellar, as well as tasting our finest wines with indispensable famous Herzegovinian meals such as ushtipci with prosciutto and cheese and lamb but also less known dishes like wine goulash, different kinds of broths and many others! We guarantee you an amazing atmosphere and excellent mood.

Rural tourism

Among the cellar tour and wine tasting, this program covers the tour of our family museum, as well as the biggest sights in Paoča: Palačak source, by whom Paoča got the name; old cemetery Oborine with a tomb from 15th century; necropolis with a dozen tombs by the Krešić cemetery from 14th century; memorial house with a monument to Fr. Didak Buntić of Paoča, the educator and savior of thousands of herzegovinian children which he saved from hunger during the World War 1; the birth house of four franciscian priests – Zubac brothers; two original chapels, one of the Holy Virgin Mary and the other of Saint John, dedicated to winemakers. Za ove prigode dizajnirali smo specijalni vlakić za 15-ak osoba u kojem je doživljaj obilaska potpun.

Vineyard tour with picnic in Šimunovac

Along wine tasting and cellar tour, this program covers tour of all our vineyards, enjoying beautiful landscape with all-day-long picnic in Šimunovac, the vineyard grown in honor of our great-grandfather Šimun which earned all of the estate serving the army in place of sons of his rich friends. Of course, for the needs this tour we have our authentic little train.

Private party guestroom and lodging

As the part of our offer we also have an old-fashioned Herzegovinian village style guestroom with a fireplace. It has a capacity of 10-15 people and is ideal for smaller celebrations. Also, we offer lodging in single and double bedrooms for the same amount of people for your full comfort.

Religious, summer and winter tourism

“Andrija” cellars are situated in an excellent position, only a few kilometers away from Međugorje – one fo the most famous Roman Catholic shrines in the world. Also, we are driving distance away from the Adriatic coast (Neum, Makarska), as well as sky resorts (Kupres, Blidinje). All of that fits together with a tour of our cellars, so you are always welcome to visit us!