One could not possibly experience the full beauty of Andrija wines by only reading its descriptions, but also by tasting and drinking it moderately. To fully experience it, visit our Andrija wine cellars in Paoča – within easy reach of Our Lady’s sanctuary in Međugorje.

Uređivanje arhive ne mora biti dosadno.. 😂👌🏻🍷

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Podrumi Andrija je na lokaciji VINODOL.
Podrumi Andrija

Vinske zvijezde: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vranac Andrija Selekcija, 15%, 2016., Podrumi Andrija, Paoča/Čitluk, BiH.

Bogato, kompleksno, puno, užitno, upečatljivo. Na nosu šumsko voće, pekmez od šljive. Čvrsto, odlično vino u svim elementima.

Gastro preporuka: divljač, crveno odležano meso, zreli sirevi, deserti sa crnom čokoladom.

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